About Us

  • Founded: December 2015
  • Location: Tampa, FL
  • Ownership: 100% Employee-Owned
  • Prior Experience: Morgan Stanley, Graystone Consulting, CapTrust Advisors, AndCo Consulting, 10+ years of experience dedicated to investment research
  • Client Focus: Consulting Firms, Family Offices, Institutional CIOs, TAMP/Bank/Trust Company Platforms

Who We Are

Excelsis Research is a collective of independent investment resources for professional advisory firms and institutional allocators.

What We Do

We provide a scalable solution for investment manager research, analytics, due diligence, asset allocation, and portfolio construction.  We support CIOs and established teams to enhance their ability to source and engage in new investment ideas more quickly and confidently.

Our Team

Both partners have a deep institutional heritage, with a combined 20+ years of experience dedicated to investment manager research, due diligence, and analytics.

Justin T. Bennett
Founder & Managing Principal

Justin is a Managing Principal at Excelsis Research and founded the firm in December 2015.  His primary responsibilities include sourcing investment strategies within traditional asset classes, performing maintenance due diligence on the firm’s recommendation list, developing the firm’s quantitative approach to investment manager due diligence, coordinating investment strategy and developing the firm’s asset allocation framework, and providing capital market commentary and insight.

Aneesh Gupta
Quantitative Analyst

Aneesh is a Quantitative Analyst at Excelsis Research and is primarily responsible for supporting the firm’s existing quantitative models, developing new models, maintaining and enhancing these models over time, and assisting in the natural evolution of the firm’s quantitative methodology as business growth and industry dynamics require.

Adam Karson
Senior Research Consultant Signpost Economics

Mr. Karson is the Founder of Signpost Economics, an economic consulting firm specializing in customized forecasting and early warning signals for investors and business sector clients. With more than 15 years of experience, he has a track record of helping businesses improve their forecasting and data analytics to inform strategic decisions.


Our Vision is to be a results-driven leader in the democratization and innovation of institutional investment research.


Our Mission is to offer professional investment advisory firms a scalable, fully independent, investment research resource with an integrated service model.  Our research will always be an impassioned and uncompromised assessment of the investment marketplace.

Core Principles

  • Passion - Unwavering passion for investment research
  • Results - Focus on positive investment outcomes
  • Accountability - We hold ourselves accountable with every recommendation
  • Collaboration - We seek and encourage collaborative relationships in meeting end-client investor goals and objectives.
  • Transparency - Open source access to our collective research and best ideas.
  • Independent Insight - Independent thought leadership, uncompromised and free of conflict.
  • Crowdsourcing - We solicit contributions from the research community as a means of obtaining the highest quality concepts, designs, content, and services to enrich our deliverables.
  • Enterprising Spirit - We employ an innovative mindset with our approach to research, deliverables, and new initiatives.

Common Challenges

  • Research resources are often inadequate for growing institutions
  • Prohibitive costs for building out a research team in-house
  • High turnover and costly salaries for experienced talent
  • Prohibitive costs for software applications and subscriptions
  • Efforts towards customized mandates are not scalable
  • Offering suitable products for HNW compared to institutional clients tends to stretch resources.

Client Benefits

  • Independent, objective, and conflict-free advice
  • Professionally-vetted investment ideas
  • Integrated, high-touch research solution that is scalable and economically feasible
  • Proprietary tools and the capability of third party software are made available to our clients
  • Customized “white label” deliverables
  • Fulfilling and supporting the fiduciary standard