Whether an organization is fully established or in its early growth stage, we offer various service models that can be customized to fit that organization’s unique needs.  Our approach is to act as an integrated extension of our clients and serve their particular needs.

Sample Deliverables

Manager Search

We help our clients identify best-in-class managers that properly fit within their overall asset allocation.  We take into account client return expectations, risk tolerance, fees, and other important considerations.  We utilize asset class-specific search templates for domestic and international equities, fixed income, liquid and illiquid alternatives, as well as more esoteric alternative asset classes.

Manager Profile

As a part of our ongoing due diligence we provide quarterly manager profiles that highlight investment product analytics, including performance and risk statistics.  These manager profiles are one component of the firm’s recurring due diligence and risk management oversight.

Research Report

Investment strategies covered by our research staff will have a completed due diligence report that is prepared by the lead analyst assigned to the manager.  The research report includes an in-depth qualitative and quantitative overview, with the analyst’s opinion distinguished from the investment manager’s narrative.

Index Analysis

Stock market indices can act as a barometer of the nation’s economic health, as market prices tend to reflect expectations on the future direction of the economy.  We provide a detailed and timely overview of some of the most heavily tracked indices in the industry, including analysis and observations on domestic and international stock indexes, fixed income, alternative benchmarks, currencies, and interest rates.